On-Demand Render Farms
with Fast Fibre Connectivity in GTA

SirtNet provides media & entertainment companies in the GTA with burstable capacity for render environments, solutions for real-time and archive storage expansion, quick access with speeds up to 100Gbps, and flexible real-time collaboration for companies working from pre-production to delivery.

Why Leading Media & Entertainment Companies Use SirtNet


How we can take your production processes to the next level

Connect your team throughout the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, shrinking time and creating production efficiencies

On-demand and scalable render and storage infrastructure that can handle rendering projects of any size

Seamless Real-time Collaboration for film-industry studios throughout your entire production

Public Cloud Network solutions unlocked without the technical expertise


Creative development from sound stage to delivery enhanced by real-time collaboration

Privately owned dedicated high speed fibre connectivity for guaranteed performance and enhanced security

Connectivity options of 1, 10 and up to 100Gbps for organizations currently in the GTA and South Western Ontario

Access to and for leading animation, visual effects, postproduction, content production, software companies, and soundstages within the GTA


Unlock public cloud networks without all the headache of hiring a dedicated technical team

Access to public cloud networks like AWS, Google and Microsoft Azure

Absolute security through a dedicated fibre network directly connected to public clouds

Connectivity options of 1, 10Gbps with reduced ingress and egress rates

Blazing Fast Performance

Dedicated fibre optic connection (1, 10GbE and higher) for companies to Toronto’s main international telecommunications hub, with on-net render and storage capacity in a local data centre.


Storage solutions to match the speed of your workflow

On-demand storage that scales to meet your production and postproduction needs

Archive storage to complement your burgeoning storage footprint

Disaster Recovery solutions to protect your business from the unexpected

Pay for what you use utility pricing model


Render environment rentals to meet your short term burst compute requirements

Access to hundreds of powerful rendering resources to meet tight production schedules

No long term commitments; month to month rental plans availablel

Multiple tiers of compute available to meet budget and timeline constraints

GPU based render options available